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Mycoplasma Test Kit - MEET THE DOCTORS
Mycoplasma Detection Kit
This mycoplasma detection kit uses the PCR method which allows a fast and highly sensitive detection of mycoplasma contamination in biological samples. The PCR procedure for mycoplasma detection is well documented in literature and the test is accepted as very specific and sensitive. This is the 20 test kit size. Also comes in a 10 test kit size.

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Dr. Joel Wallach discusses how to kill the bacterial infection to eliminate RA:

Mycoplasma Bacteria-Killing Nutraceuticals recommended by Dr. Joel Wallach:

2 scoops per day of Beyond Tangy Tangerine:

Beyond Tangy Tangerine - DR JOEL WALLACH
Beyond Tangy Tangerine®
Start with Beyond Tangy Tangerine® to build a strong nutritional foundation.

Each canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine® contains a base of Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals blended with vitamins, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine® is all-natural and contains no starch, wheat, yeast, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and is glycemic-friendly.

With an incredible ORAC Value of 5745, Beyond Tangy Tangerine® is packed with 115 fruits and vegetables and includes vitamins, minerals, plant minerals, phytonutrients and all-natural flavors.
ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006M3YNKC - DR JOEL WALLACH
Beyond Tangy Tangerine Supplement Facts:
Beyone Tangy Tangerine

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 3 pack - DR JOEL WALLACH
Beyond Tangy Tangerine® MultiPacks
Maintain your local supply with Beyond Tangy Tangerine® MultiPacks.
Each 420g canister contains:
115 Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Anti Oxidants
Glucosamine, MSM
Grape Seed Extract

3 tablespoons per day of Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid:

Beyond Osteo fx Liquid - DR JOEL WALLACH
Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid®
Beyond Osteo FX Liquid was formulated to support healthy bones and joints.

Beyond Osteo FX Liquid meets the U.S. daily requirements for people over age 50 with 1,200 mg of calcium and contains the co-factors necessary to help your body better absorb and retain calcium. Vitamin D and Glucosamine, which are natural compounds found in healthy cartilage, also promote absorption and support optimal health and well-being.

Liquid Calcium
Joint health
Bone health
Prevents Osteoporosis
Helps prevent Insomnia

The National Osteoporosis Foundation suggests that individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle, adequate calcium consumption, and weight-bearing exercise in order to support the strengthening of the body's bones.

Includes the co-factors necessary to help your body better absorb and retain calcium.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006MXMQ24 - DR JOEL WALLACHBeyond Osteo-fx Liquid® Supplement Facts:
Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid

Beyond Osteo fx Multipacks 2 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid® MultiPacks
Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid® MultiPacks are especially helpful for maintaining a local supply to support optimal bone and joint health.

5 capsules twice per day of Ultimate Gluco-Gel:

Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel
Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel is the ultimate way to get your daily dose of gelatin, which contains collagen, a main building block of bone matrix, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.

Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel contains a 1:1 ratio of gelatin and glucosamine sulfate, another key building block for healthy joints..

The ingredients of Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel are recommended by top doctors for advanced joint support.

Ultimate™ Gluco-Ge is the ultimate way to get your daily dose of gelatin and healthy joint support.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HZOKFBI - DR JOEL WALLACHUltimate Gluco-Gel Supplement Facts:
Ultimate Gluco-Gel

Ultimate™ Gluco Gel MultiPacks 1 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel MultiPacks
MultiPacks of Ultimate Gluco Gel are recommended by top doctors to maintain advanced joint support. Fortified with glucosamine sulfate and manganese.

5 capsules per day of FucoidZ:

Contains 100% sea vegetables featuring Certified Organic fucoidan.

Each bottle of FucoidZ™ contains 60 capsules of 100mg pure fucoidan.

Our fucoidan is organic and kosher certified.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, yeast, soy, corn, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, flavors, added starch, sugar, or sodium.

Support for the immune system and cellular health. Fucoidan has over 800 studies published at Choose “Over 800 Studies” in the "Read More" menu below, to see all the health benefits of this amazing ingredient.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B007UPH28Q - DR JOEL WALLACHFucoidZ Supplement Facts:

FucoidZ™ MultiPacks 2 - DR JOEL WALLACH
FucoidZ™ MultiPacks
FucoidZ™ MultiPacks help you maintain your local supply of Certified Organic fucoidan.

2 capsules twice per day of Ultimate Selenium:

Ultimate Selenium1 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate™ Selenium
Selenium is an essential nutrient to the human body, which humans require, but cannot make. These nutrients must be provided in the diet or in supplement form. Selenium is also considered to have “anti-oxidant properties” which have been identified by the National Academy of Sciences as “a substance in foods that significantly decreases free radicals.

The human body needs trace amounts of selenium to perform a variety of functions, including synthesizing antioxidants shown to protect against cell-damaging free radicals. Since selenium can’t be manufactured by the human body, it has to be obtained from diet or supplements.

Ultimate™ Selenium provides Selenium, Vitamins and other Trace minerals and nutrients to support good health.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006QC28E2 - DR JOEL WALLACHUltimate Selenium Supplement Facts:
Ultimate Selenium

Ultimate Selenium MultiPacks - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate™ Selenium MultiPacks
Ultimate™ Selenium provides Selenium, Vitamins and other Trace minerals and nutrients to support good health. MultiPacks are a good way to help maintain a continuous supply.

3 capsules three times per day of Ultimate Killer Biotic FX:

Ultimate Killer Biotic1 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate Killer Biotic Fx®
Ultimate™ Killer Biotic Fx® is a proprietary complex that brings together nature’s most potent immune-enhancing compounds.

Ultimate™ Killer Biotic Fx® features propolis, a natural agent produced by Brazilian killer bees; the time-tested immune enhancing benefits of mushroom extracts, and the immune supporting properties of colostrum.

Propolis is a powerful Natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent which bees collect from the surrounding plants, to keep their hives free of bacteria, yeasts and molds. This complex product also incorporates a proprietary blend of Mushroom extracts as well a Bovine Colostrum for added benefits.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006Q2T4EY - DR JOEL WALLACHUltimate Killer Biotic FX Supplement Facts:
Ultimate Killer Biotic FX

FucoidZ™ MultiPacks 3 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate Killer Biotic Fx® MultiPacks
With Ultimate Killer Biotic Fx® MultiPacks, you can help maintain your local supply of this proprietary complex that brings together nature’s most potent immune-enhancing compounds.

3 capsules per day of Ultimate EFA:

Ultimate EFA Plus™
This proprietary blend of essential fatty acids from borage, flax, and fish oils is formulated to support the body in many ways.

EFAs have been shown to support healthy coronary function. With today's active lifestyles and less than adequate eating habits, getting enough essential fatty acids is more important than ever.

The Fatty Acids EPA and DHA are Omega 3 fatty acids found in most cold water fish such as Tuna, Salmon, and Mackerel Fish Oil are recognized as having Cardio Protective Actions.

ir?t=myselsufpla 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00B5FBPYY - DR JOEL WALLACHUltimate EFA Supplement Facts:
Ultimate EFA Plus

Ultimate EFA MultiPacks - DR JOEL WALLACH
Ultimate EFA Plus™ MultiPacks
MultiPacks of Ultimate EFA Plus™ help provide a continuous delivery of a healthy balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9s,


Books By Dr. Joel Wallach:

Dead Doctors Dont Lie - DR JOEL WALLACH
Dead Doctors Don't Lie
By Dr. Joel Wallach. This book is designed as a reference on what nutritional supplements to take for close to 400 different kinds of diseases.

This book is a must for anyone who values their family's health. It is amazing to discover how many diseases are actually vitamin and mineral deficiencies!

It has a vast collection of very important health information. If you seek to heal yourself, if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, READ THIS BOOK.
Dead Doctors Dont Lie Audio CD 1 - DR JOEL WALLACH
Dead Doctors Don't Lie Audio CD - Dr Joel Wallach
This audio CD will educate you on vitamins and minerals. The truth about natural remedies and why your body needs all 90 essential nutrients! Includes questions and answers.
Dead Doctors Dont Lie DVD - DR JOEL WALLACH
Dead Doctors Don't Lie DVD - Dr Joel Wallach
Dr Wallach tells about regular people and celebrities alike who suffered greatly for lack of correct information. You'll also hear inspiring stories of individuals who no longer suffer from terrible health issues because they were willing to simply apply the nutritional knowledge that Dr Wallach so willingly teaches to all who will listen.
Epigenetics - DR JOEL WALLACH
Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission
EPIGENETICS is required reading for the very survival of all of humanity. It is predictable that this book will impact the world of the everyday man, science, politics, social engineering and medicine to the same degree that Darwin's The Origin of Species did more than 100 years ago.

Dr. Wallach has been lecturing 300 times per year to national and international audiences for more than 20 years.
Hells Kitchen Dr Joel Wallach - DR JOEL WALLACH
Hell's Kitchen: Causes, Prevention and Cure of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
We chose Hell's Kitchen for the title of this book because we wanted to illustrate all of the side effects of the technology that led to the epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and their complications. We have identified the men, the technology, and the time and date, that set us on the "Road To Hell" and we have determined exactly how we got into "Hell's Kitchen" and how to get out.
Rare Earths Forbidden Cures - DR JOEL WALLACH
Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures
The author's insight into disease, and prevention of disease is particularly insightful. Anyone who suffers from a chronic condition should read this book. Many chronic conditions are covered.

This book pretty much has it all, and is a great read if you wish to gain knowledge on the role of minerals in our health and well being.
Immortality by Dr Joel Wallach - DR JOEL WALLACH
Immortality - The Age Beaters
We know without any doubt, that humans can and do live well beyond 100 years of age. While in fact, we have all the genetic potential to live healthfully well beyond 100, consciously getting there today for the majority, however, requires a profound commitment to a time proven system and a daily call to focused action. Becoming a centenarian is a matter of proven universal,proactive, yet simple choices and actions. This book will show the longest live cultures and what they do, the aging process and the universal currency of life. It will also show the religious dietary practices and the common threads of anti-aging. This book also has recipes and supplements for a healthful diet.

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Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of top natural health website, talks about rheumatoid arthritis and how he treats it with a combination of nutrition, diet, and antibiotics. His approach shows the bacterial causes of rheumatoid arthritis are more fully understood.

Effortless Healing - DR JOSEPH MERCOLA
Effortless Healing
In Effortless Healing, online health pioneer, natural medicine advocate, and bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the nine simple secrets to a healthier, thinner you.

Effortless Healing is the distillation of decades of Dr. Mercola’s experience and cutting-edge medical knowledge.

With his wisdom and that of your body, you can optimize your health, your weight, and your life.

By Dr. Mercola:

Rheumatoid arthritis affects about one percent of our population and at least two million Americans have definite or classical rheumatoid arthritis. This number has increased in recent years, as in 2010 about 2.5 percent of white women developed RA.

It is a much more devastating illness than previously appreciated. Most patients with rheumatoid arthritis have a progressive disability.

The natural course of rheumatoid arthritis is quite remarkable in that less than one percent of people with the disease have a spontaneous remission. Some disability occurs in 50-70 percent of people within five years after onset of the disease, and half will stop working within 10 years. The annual cost of this disease in the U.S. is estimated to be over $1 billion.

This devastating prognosis is what makes this novel form of treatment so exciting, as it has a far higher likelihood of succeeding than the conventional approach. Over the years I have treated over 3,000 patients with rheumatic illnesses, including SLE, scleroderma, polymyositis and dermatomyositis.

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Dr. Katherine Poehlmann discusses The Infection Connection to Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis The Infection Connection - DR KATHERINE POEHLMANN
Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection Targeting and Treating the Cause of Chronic Illness
Conventional RA treatments include toxic drugs that reduce painful symptoms but do not treat the root cause, namely, bacterial infection.
This book describes the steps necessary to:
-- Identify, attack, and remove the cause(s) of the infection(s); -- Neutralize pathogen-generated wastes (toxins and harmful enzymes); -- Flush these wastes from the body; and -- Restore the body's systems to normal, healthy function.
In this book, both the lay reader and physician will find an effective course of treatment possibly leading to a cure for RA and other chronic illnesses with arthritis-like symptoms.

Dr Poehlmann has given countless health and nutrition lectures to health conferences, support groups, civic clubs, and health ministries in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand, during the past 13 years. Her more extensive world travels include UK and Ireland, Russia, Iceland, Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Crete, Santorini, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, The Middle East (including Israel and Egypt); Hawaiian islands; Chile: Atacama, Torres del Paine, and Easter Island; Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Europe, South America, Indonesia & Malaya (7 weeks), China (7 weeks), Tibet, etc.

She is available in the Los Angeles, CA area. Her talks are both entertaining and informative. The topics include Functional/Complementary medicine, including conventional as well as little known, effective alternative and historical medical/nutritional recipes for health improvement and chronic pain relief.
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Dr. Kurt Woeller talks about Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments using Tetracycline and Minocycline antibiotics to provide relief for people with inflammatory diseases:

The Road Back Foundation – Supporting Antibiotic Therapy For Rheumatic Diseases

By Dr Woelller: This inflammatory disorder results in many organs in the body being adversely affected, but it is most significantly disabling to the joints and supporting structures such as connective tissue affecting the tendons and ligaments. RA is serious, and overtime is crippling.

The onset of RA symptoms can be slow at first often seen with mild stiffness in the morning, joint discomfort, and perhaps periodic low-grade fever. The symptoms usually intensify overtime. However, there are people who seemingly develop RA overnight.

Dr. Woeller is available for consultations to discuss various integrative medical therapies helpful for Rheumatoid and other inflammatory and degenerative arthritis. He can be contacted HERE.
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Dr. McPherson Brown, Author of the book “The Road Back”, reveals his research:

The Road Back: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Its Cause and Its Treatment
Rather than use drugs for symptoms which are highly toxic chemicals, we used this method and in ten months was RA free. Compared to having RA for a lifetime, ten months is a short period of time. It's been sixteen years now... with no return of RA.

This is the only way to go in any medical problem-- treating the cause, not just drugging the symptoms.

What a simple cure for a devastating disease. A must read.
The New Arthritis Breakthrough - DR MCPHERSON BROWN
The New Arthritis Breakthrough
Can be miraculous for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. If you have found this page you are, or you care about, an arthritis patient. You should read this book.

What makes this book especially valuable is its description of Dr. Brown's many extraordinarily perceptive insights about arthritis, both physical and especially psychological aspects.

This book gives you what you and your doctor need to know.

Thomas McPherson Brown (1906-1989) was a renowned rheumatologist who, over a medical career spanning 50 years, pioneered antibiotic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis,  scleroderma,  lupus and other collagen diseases. He used them to treat over ten thousand patients, often inducing remission in their disease.

During his lifetime, Brown published in medical journals approximately 100 papers about rheumatoid arthritis. In 1988, one year before his death, he published, in collaboration with Henry Scammell, a book entitled The Road Back. In 1993, Mr. Scammell published a book entitled The New Arthritis Breakthrough. This second book expands on The Road Back (it includes a reprint of The Road Back). Both books give many testimonials of people who believe they were saved by Brown’s treatment. A video documentary featuring Brown explaining his treatment is shown above for your convenience.

The Road Back Foundation ( was founded to continue the work of Brown. Dr. Brown’s Goals: “not to turn the medical world upside down, rather to turn the medical world’s approach to arthritis treatment right side up.”

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Dr. Lonnie Herman reveals how a hidden bacterial infection can lead to various diseases:

About Dr. Herman

Dr. Lonnie Herman is known by many for providing unique, drug free, whole body, integrative, life saving recovery programs for people who suffer chronic diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, thyroid disorders and other debilitating chronic autoimmune diseases.

Starting in practice with regular chiropractic, Dr. Herman noticed that people suffering chronic conditions needed better options than chiropractic (and even general medicine) could provide. So he started his journey to gain knowledge about how he could safely and effectively help save the lives of people in his community and worldwide.

Here is a list of Dr. Herman’s Postgraduate Studies:
300 class hours of brain based functional neurology
150 class hours of Neurochemistry, Neuroimmunology & Nutrition

Certificates Received in:
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Functional Endocrinology
Mastering The Thyroid
Neurotransmitters & Brain
Developmental Disorders of Brain
Human Brain Dissection
Movement Disorders like Parkinsons type tremors

In 2012, Dr. Herman enrolled in his next stage of practice and patient care development to discover the causes of cancer…and how to beat cancer naturally. His cancer research includes enrollment in A4M, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for a Masters degree in Integrative Cancer Therapies and other resources like Gerson Therapy and mentors in Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Dr. Herman is also licensed under Pastoral Medical Association. You can contact him at Westside Advanced Care Center.

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Dr Joel Fuhrman specializes in Nutritional Medicine. At six minutes and 35 seconds (6:35) into the following video, Dr Fuhrman discusses Robert, a patient who no longer has rheumatoid arthritis due to his use of Nutritional Medicine. “Robert was in a wheelchair. Today he can work all day on his feet”:

Dr Joel Furhman Patient Robert

About Dr. Fuhrman
Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, New York Times best-selling author and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly and Michael. Dr. Fuhrman’s own hugely successful PBS television shows, 3 Steps to Incredible Health and Dr. Fuhrman’s Immunity Solution, and his latest show, End Dieting Forever, bring nutritional science to homes all across America.

Dr. Fuhrman’s #1 New York Times best-selling book, Eat to Live, originally published in 2003 (Little Brown) has sold over 1,000,000 copies and has been published in multiple foreign language editions. In October 2012, Super Immunity (HarperOne) reached the New York Times best seller’s list and in January 2013, The End of Diabetes (HarperOne) became his third New York Times best seller. Dr. Fuhrman’s most recent books, The Eat to Live Cookbook (Harper One) reached #1 on the New York Times best sellers list during its debut week in October 2013 and The End of Dieting (HarperOne), released in March 2014, was #2 on the list for its debut. In addition, Dr. Fuhrman has written several other popular books on nutritional science which include: Eat for Health (Gift of Health Press), Disease Proof Your Child (St. Martin’s Griffin), Fasting and Eating for Health (St. Martin’s Griffin) and the Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Handbook and ANDI Food Scoring Guide (Gift of Health Press).

Eat for Health Dr Joel Fuhrman - DR JOEL FUHRMAN
Eat For Health
This book includes Dr. Fuhrman's ANDI food scoring system, with three phases of meal plans and 150 fantastic recipes. Start where you are comfortable and progress at your own pace or jump right into phase three to maximize weight loss and optimize the therapeutic effects for disease reversal.

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