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Mycoplasma Test Kit - MEET THE DOCTORS
Mycoplasma Detection Kit
This mycoplasma detection kit uses the PCR method which allows a fast and highly sensitive detection of mycoplasma contamination in biological samples. The PCR procedure for mycoplasma detection is well documented in literature and the test is accepted as very specific and sensitive. This is the 20 test kit size. Also comes in a 10 test kit size.

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Dr. Kurt Woeller talks about Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments using Tetracycline and Minocycline antibiotics to provide relief for people with inflammatory diseases:

The Road Back Foundation – Supporting Antibiotic Therapy For Rheumatic Diseases

By Dr Woelller: This inflammatory disorder results in many organs in the body being adversely affected, but it is most significantly disabling to the joints and supporting structures such as connective tissue affecting the tendons and ligaments. RA is serious, and overtime is crippling.

The onset of RA symptoms can be slow at first often seen with mild stiffness in the morning, joint discomfort, and perhaps periodic low-grade fever. The symptoms usually intensify overtime. However, there are people who seemingly develop RA overnight.

Dr. Woeller is available for consultations to discuss various integrative medical therapies helpful for Rheumatoid and other inflammatory and degenerative arthritis. He can be contacted HERE.
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