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Dr. McPherson Brown, Author of the book “The Road Back”, reveals his research:

The Road Back: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Its Cause and Its Treatment
Rather than use drugs for symptoms which are highly toxic chemicals, we used this method and in ten months was RA free. Compared to having RA for a lifetime, ten months is a short period of time. It's been sixteen years now... with no return of RA.

This is the only way to go in any medical problem-- treating the cause, not just drugging the symptoms.

What a simple cure for a devastating disease. A must read.
The New Arthritis Breakthrough - DR MCPHERSON BROWN
The New Arthritis Breakthrough
Can be miraculous for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. If you have found this page you are, or you care about, an arthritis patient. You should read this book.

What makes this book especially valuable is its description of Dr. Brown's many extraordinarily perceptive insights about arthritis, both physical and especially psychological aspects.

This book gives you what you and your doctor need to know.

Thomas McPherson Brown (1906-1989) was a renowned rheumatologist who, over a medical career spanning 50 years, pioneered antibiotic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis,  scleroderma,  lupus and other collagen diseases. He used them to treat over ten thousand patients, often inducing remission in their disease.

During his lifetime, Brown published in medical journals approximately 100 papers about rheumatoid arthritis. In 1988, one year before his death, he published, in collaboration with Henry Scammell, a book entitled The Road Back. In 1993, Mr. Scammell published a book entitled The New Arthritis Breakthrough. This second book expands on The Road Back (it includes a reprint of The Road Back). Both books give many testimonials of people who believe they were saved by Brown’s treatment. A video documentary featuring Brown explaining his treatment is shown above for your convenience.

The Road Back Foundation (www.roadback.org) was founded to continue the work of Brown. Dr. Brown’s Goals: “not to turn the medical world upside down, rather to turn the medical world’s approach to arthritis treatment right side up.”

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